Monday, 6 September 2010

Whispers From The Web

Crawling through cyberspace, battling blog by blog and listening to the unlistenable so you don't have to......

To Brooklyn! I know, I know, Brooklyn this, Brooklyn that. But I simply can't help it if so many damn good bands are piledriving around the place. Come on England, step your game up!

Night Manager are a fourpiece who churn out some lo-fi, unfathomable slacker indie. The vocals of Caitlin Seager are distant and harmonious, sent through a phantom zone and zapped back to our ears, aligning in a spooky coalition with grunge-tinged guitars and pulsing percussion.

'Blackout Sex' in particular is so laid back, it falls over into a scuzzy no-mans land full of wonder.

Night Manager's Myspace


And well done England I suppose for such a quick retort (in my MIND) with South London foursome Beaty Heart. Beaty Heart are another band who have taken the spirit of African triblahblah to heart but manage to do it without sounding like a knock off copycat. They throw together a pile of rhythmic drumbeat into one big cooking pot and it all comes out sounding so very primal, allowing it to melt in your mouth (or ear).

Add in yelps for a bit of vocalisation and some electronic trimmings, and you have Beaty Heart, a true art band who know how to mix the spiritual with the musical. 'Cola' descends into mad cries and warped melody by the end of the track, echoing primitive rituals, whilst 'Get The Girls' utilises a handclap beat not too dissimilar from the world of Gospel. Go get washed away...

Beaty Hearts' Myspace


Back over to the US, to Pennsylvania, to Philadelphia! This is where Reading Rainbow reside. Reading Rainbow are a duo who soak their music in reverb and a jolly gruffness. The vocals sound like sweet indie pop whilst the guitars rush along on some splendid amphetamine, rough and tumble the whole way.

'Restless' is a sweet pop song caked in grit and grumble, and therefore well worth a listen. They flirt with post-punk sensibility in 'Underground', then wail over the top and chant their way to a fitting finish.

Reading Rainbow's Myspace


Finally, for now, a band I know very little about except for the fact they make soundtracks to your life. Cabaret Scene are based around London and is a project between a group of friends, started by a guitarist called Charlie Prest. They utilise a range of sounds, styles and instruments to swell everything via math rock, dreamgaze and progressive pop, adding affected vocals where necessary.
'Namaste' starts slowly but surely, steadily gaining a following of new instrumentation until 70s style riffs and electric blotches meet. 'Blueprints' resembles a desert island ditty for the insane man, careening to a crescendo of electro proportions before crashing against the shore in waves of shattered eardrums.

Cabaret Scene's Myspace


More music arriving shortly....

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cover Me Slowly

This one's rather high profile compared to previous bursts of musical release showcased on New Narcotics but I love it so much, why not share it with the WORLD (or at least someone else).


The Raveonettes are a well established duo from Denmark who peddle a true garage rock sound via the realms of shoegaze and surf rock. They have four well received albums out, have worked with the likes of Maureen Tucker and Ronnie Spector and releasing a string of fantastic singles, including my personal favourite 'Love In A Trashcan'.

Meeeeanwhile, Dr. Martens are a shoewear brand (who do dabble in other clothing items) who manufacture a particularly heavy-looking and militaristic style which grew in popularity thanks to swathes of young scenes taking them as part of their fashion uniforms. Skinheads, new wavers and, most prominently, punks decked themselves out in the brand and, ever since, the company has remained linked to the alternative music world.

And this year of 2010 is also the 50th anniversary of the fabled footwear, so the clever people in the PR room have encouraged a bunch of bands to cover their version of a cult classic. The Noisettes and BRMC, amongst others, have put forth something (all listenable HERE and downloadable for FREE HERE) but The Raveonettes, as usual, stand out amongst the deck.

They cover The Stone Roses 1991 hit 'I Wanna Be Adored', a moody, needy sulk of a song. The Raveonettes take all of the emotion and snarl of the original but throw in some extra growling and some wailing guitar lines over the familiar riff. Add in Sharon's breathy vocals which drift up and away so breezily by the end of the track, and you've got one beautiful cover.