Wednesday, 2 December 2009

December Ditties!

Without music, life is a journey through a desert. - Pat Conroy

Listen to ‘Constellations’ and look at this picture of Darwin Deez, the musician responsible, and tell me that it isn’t Julian Casablancas in some sort of super-hi-tech make up and costume! The Strokes sound-a-like comes in a variety of flavours, with ‘Bad Day’ vibrating with Beck-like enthusiasm and ‘Bedspace’ taking a leisurely, drawn-out approach to indietronica. Check out the mustachioed maestro asap!

Darwin Deez's Myspace

Best Coast’s frontwoman, Bethany Cosentino, comes from the school of shoegaze, with her drawling slur of a voice and her shuffling lyrics that squeeze through the humming guitar riffs, broken drum beats and muffled sonics that coat each song. A garage rock sensibility is also embedded in each track, especially in the gorgeously titled 'Sun Was High (So Was I)', where the lead guitar juts and jerks through the entire piece. The current surf-rock fusion that has swept bands across the US still manages to hold a sort of sway and intrigue, though it may very well soon become an overhyped and overheard phase. Until then, Best Coast sweep along with a surprisingly refreshing lo-fi attitude.

Best Coast's Myspace

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