Thursday, 7 January 2010

New Year = New Narcotics

'If music be the food of love; play on.' - William Shakespeare

Welcome to 2010; the FUTURE IS HERE!

I could try and predict the big bands of 2010 and then brag about how I predicted the musical outlook of the year when 1 out of my 10 bands become super/mega/sell-out famous, but bollocks to all that pomp and circumstance so LETS LISTEN TO SOME MUSIX! (yeahhhh but The Drums, Delphic and Darwin Deez SHOULD be big in 2010...)

MEN are an explosion of melody that manage to deal with sensitive and serious topics via the medium of electronica. Made up of two of Le Tigre and a third producer and DJ, the group use sexual politics and performance in their act to create a whole ideology that stimulates as well as pleases. 'Simultaneously' sounds like the xx with a dirtier mind whilst 'Credit Card Babies' provides a dancefloor ditty that discusses the complexity of gay fatherhood.

Guillemots were a happy-go-lucky, bouncy indie pop act who shone for a very short time before vanishing but the leading man, Fyfe Dangerfield (a Bond villain name), is back with a bit of solo work. It is pretty much exactly what you would expect from the man who bought us the romantic splendor of 'Made Up Love Song', as his sickly sweet voice strums out tunes of love and loss alongside pretty pianos.

Fyfe Dangerfield's Myspace

Vampire Weekend's second album 'Contra' is out on Monday and you can listen to it on their Myspace. So far, so Vampire Weekend; all sunshine and bop with all manner of sniping lyrical bolts and incessantly catchy percussive grooves. Highlights include the auto-tuned 'California English' proving that the method of vocal distortion can still prove effective and the softly cinematic closer 'I Think Ur A Contra'. It is hard for the group to top their dazzling debut but this effort, at first listen, could be a match at least.

Vampire Weekend's Myspace

Albums out in the next week or two that maybe you could check out, maybe?!
'Heartland' by Final Fantasy
'End Times' by Eels
'Astro Coast' by Surfer Blood ['Swim (To Reach To The End)' by Surfer Blood]

That's all for now folks, check you in week or two or three! BUH BYE!

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