Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Haze of the Heat...

'Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine.' ~Anthony J.D' Angelo

Alas, sunshine basks the British south coast as we somehow stumble and fall into the glare of a summer and music, as always, seeps out of cars, doors and headphones as festival season gets ready to explode and music lovers across the nation start putting on those summery tracks that get them glowing in the golden rays.

AND I am no different, with a summer playlist underway and twee pop beginning to filter back onto my stereo, I charge ahead with New Narcotics.


Allo Darlin' are a foursome whose ferocious mixture of ukeleles and shiny happy singing simply sends ear splitting smiles across listeners faces. Such joy and melancholy fused into a big ball of twee within their debut, self-titled album released this year. A promising single propelled them into the eyes of the BBC for a brief while and now their debut album sets itself up as a beach accompaniment on hot, lazy days where nothing but relaxation is necessary.

The gentle ebb and flow of low key tracks such as 'Heartbeat Chilli' sit alongside the jovial, hop-a-long melodies embedded in the likes of 'Silver Dollars'. 'Let's Go Swimming' stands out as a monument to calm but effective indie pop as the vocals of lead singer Elizabeth drift across a selection of strings to create an effect not dissimilar to floating serenely atop the surface of the water. Simply gorgeous...

Allo Darlin's Myspace


Staying with the indie pop theme for the current climate of heat and happiness, another debut album released about a month or so ago comes from a Sheffield band, Standard Fare. Debut album 'The Noyelle Beat' has recieved some blog-acclaim for its jolly melody and sharp, short riffs catapulting along amongst a backdrop of teen angst.

'Dancing' stands out as a beat-skipping hit of sorts as the vocals of frontwoman Emma almost plead in the strain and emotion behind the relationship dissolution at the heart of the track. Similarly, 'Philadelphia' pines over distant love but wins out despite the emotional whine with the rollicking chorus and careful vocals set atop a classically twee indie guitar riff.

Standard Fare's Myspace


Hot Off The Presses (of my brainbox)

  • The soft approach of Brazilian/American band Little Joy does exactly what it says on the tin. Music to while away the lazy, hazy hours of heat...
  • Someone still loves I Still Love You Boris Yeltsin (that someone is me...). Check out new single 'Sink/Let It Sway'.
  • As every other pun-able body on the net and beyond have said, Male Bonding take their name a little too literally with the video for 'Years Not Long'. (Maybe more bands should do this, imagine the delightful videos of bands such as Japandroids and Crystal Castles...)
  • Fancy a free EP? Matador is giving away a seven track offering for Kurt Vile HERE. If you don't know him, he's a little bit lo-fi, he's a little bit rock'n'roll.
  • You know I love the lo-fi offerings of Toro Y Moi and this new 7" gets a little bit higher and I still love it. It does make me want to 'Leave Everywhere' (hopefully with Chaz).

Albums out over the next week or so that you should buy include;

  • 'Say It' by Born Ruffians. [Canadian indie soul with grumbling and rumbling at its gnarly heart]
  • 'Existence' by Detroit Social Club [Biffy meets Coldplay with a kick up the arse and a little bit of guttural songwriting]
  • 'Twilight Saga Original Soundtrack' by Oh My God, Have You Seen Some of the Bands On Here?!?!?!?! [Metric, Sia, Black Keys, Bats For Lashes, Vampire Weekend, Band Of Horses...nuff said...]

I am going to try and update more often, even with mini posts here and there and everywhere BUT
just enjoy the music and the sunshine and some alcoholic beverage (if you are legally allowed to of course) and CIAO FOR NOW!

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