Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cover Me Slowly

'Don't judge a book by its cover.' ~Clever people...

In the first of a bunch of new sections to arrive on New Narcotics, I will bring you a unique/odd/alternate cover song from some new or old artist that gives you an aural double take on hearing it.

Brooklyn has been mentioned many-a-time within these pages so why not start off this new New Narcotics revolution with a Brooklyn brain. Ocotillo is a solo artist, one of many in todays fancy pants modern world who plays with electronics to craft tracks that bleep their way towards something magical.

Ocotillo has taken a simple synth line and a drum sample from a Paul Simon song, before throwing down a wonderfully calm and melodic vocal cover of 'Let Me Love You' by Mario. Taking a smooth R&B hit and taking out all the sludge and sheen, Ocotillo has crafted a wonderfully sweet cover. The simplicity of the song is the power here, as Ocotillo knows to keep it constrained to convey the passion the song needs. Worth a listen or ten...

Also, he has a sweet moustache and hat....

Ocotillo's Myspace


More sections/ideas/music will be winging its way through your monitor sooooon..


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