Monday, 9 April 2007

"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. " Confucius

I am going to see a band on Tuesday night called Indigo Moss, a London based band who create inspiring rockabilly tunes such as the fantastically named 'Dang Nabbit' and 'Nature of This Town'. They are playing a fair few gigs over the next few months so check them out and try to go see them!

Cherry Ghost are an Indie/Country band with some catchy, awesome tunes, my favourite being 'Mathematics'. They have performed on Jools Holland and are doing Camden Crawl this year and people should expect something special from them very soon.

Finally, a lady who I hope to see at Camden Crawl and need to tell her that my best friend is in love with her and her voice. Laura Marling is a solo artist who sings with a sultry voice capable of captivating whoever falls within its range. 'London Town', 'New Romantic' and 'Its Only My Opinion' show off her fantastic voice and song writing ability. She also appears on the new Rakes album on the gorgeous track, 'Suspicious Eyes'.



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