Monday, 14 May 2007

Longtime Nopost....

"If Music be the food of love, play on..." William Shakespeare

Some more new shiz for the music masses to listen to!!

Reverend and the Makers are an immense Sheffield bands finally bloody getting recognition after years!! I started listening to them last year, around the time Arctic Monkeys kicked off.
They are lead by John McClure, a Sheffield musical legend, having helped the Arctic Monkeys start off by giving them supporting slots with the Makers, after both Turner and Helders were in his first band. Arctic Monkeys returned the favour when they became superstars.
'Heavyweight Champion of the World' is the new single, rereleased and it is immense. It is just starting to get the airplay it deserves on le radio. Other great songs are 'He Said He Loved Me' and 'The State of Things'.

RANDOM FACT!! John McClures brother, Chris, is the infamous smoking man pictured on the front of 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" by Arctic Monkeys.

Tokyo Police Club are a Canadian rock band (one of many recent amazing Canadian bands to appear) with two EP's out worth listening to, just starting to get recognition in the USA, even appearing on popular chat show, 'Late Night with David Letterman'.
Songs such as 'Nature of the Experiment' and 'Cheer It On' show their talent.

The Wombats are a new indie band with some fantastic tunes and I am gutted to have missed them last Saturday at Unit 22 due to prior arrangements, although I did actually run into the lead singer in the town centre!
Top tunes include the catchy 'Backfire at the Disco' and great new song 'Kill the Director'.

Other stuff to check out!!

The Rumble Strips! Soul styled Alt rock from London!

A podcast to download!! Coverville, immense cover songs from random bands and styles, usually different themes such as Radiohead songs or movie soundtrack songs...

Electronic dance awesomness from Justice, listen to the fantabulous new song 'D.A.N.C.E'

Rufus Wainwright continues to make great music with his new album 'Release the Stars'. Listen to new single 'Going to a Town' here and then buy the album!


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