Monday, 5 May 2008

The Start of Summer?

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosphy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents" - Ludwig van Beethoven

I have not posted in a long long long time and I really do not know why...I am going to say laziness...even though laziness is spurring this post as I am supposed to be doing university work but find myself posting here...

Anyhow, lots of new stuff to tell everyone about!!

Oh No! Oh My! have been around for a few years but my lazy brain has only just heard of them and they are pretty damn good. Pop rock melody with indie sensibility and lovely lyrics fused with a catchy nature that will drive you slightly insane (in an amazing way of course).
They have a self titled album out which you should try and get your hands on as its lovely. 'I Love You All The Time' is a compelling, synth lead song that burrows deep within and bounces your insides around for days on end. 'I Have No Sister' is also an awesome song, that bounces along in a similar fashion with a punchy hook and lyrics that seep into your soul.

Oh No! Oh My! Myspace page

I managed to see a very talented young man who plays an electronic pop mixture of genius and gentle seething. Esser has played Camden Crawl recently and is currently on tour around England. He uses a variety of odd instruments and electronic bits and bobs to make highly enthusiastic music that can be either danced to or chilled out with. 'I Love You' has been the most addictive song that I have heard in months, sticking to your skull like its covered in glue. With tracks such as the fabulous 'Headlock' and the cleverly crafted 'Let's Work It Out', he is destined to go far.

Esser Myspace page

Spilt Milk are a band from London who have a song called 'Let's Get Married' which has become one of my new summer tunes, that will propel me through the sunshine (if it ever comes). The lovely, happy vibe that surrounds the song reminds me of a Modest Mouse infused Beach Boys track.

Spilt Milk Myspace page

The Muslims are a new band to watch out for, a group from San Diego in the US of A, they throw a punk agenda against a messy rock and roll theme, with some decent lyrics and riffs that pulse against you over and over. 'Nightlife' is the epitome of this sound, showing the bands special ability to catch you with a riff.

The Muslims Myspace page

That's about it for now but I am sure I will have plenty more very soon! I am diving into the many unknown bands who are at Glastonbury this year and some of the unknowns at Latitude as I am visiting both this year with earnest anticipation!

Au revoir!


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