Thursday, 23 July 2009

Once again, I start again...

No explanations, just musical education... upwards and onwards....

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. ~Leopold Stokowski

Pulled Apart By Horses are four lads who think up fantastic band and song names, hail from Leeds and throw caution and vocal chords to the wind, firing all 12 cylinders with their personal attempt at pounding out hard, fast and rhythmic riffs whilst hollering over the ruckus they create. They also manage to climb atop speaker stacks and injure themselves whenever possible...check out 'I Punched A Lion in the Throat' and 'E=MC Hammer'.

Pulled Apart By Horses Myspace

Brighton is a town of musical and artistic invention and The Mummers are keeping the bar high, fronted by Raissa Khan-Panni, a musician with a vast well of ability and experience despite her youth. Appearing on Jools Holland and releasing a debut album entitled 'Tale To Tell', the group should reach your radios and televisions imminently! Listen to their amazing cover of Passion Pit's 'Sleepyhead' (a band I mentioned at the end of last year in the last blog posting, who are now shooting into the stratosphere...) and the summery 'Wonderland', a track that will pick you up, lay you amongst the clouds and slowly lull you into contented slumber...

The Mummers Myspace

Bradford has not held a great musical past but this may change with a young lady named Laura Groves, musically named Blue Roses. She fuses a Kate Bush sentiment with the female folk fallout of Laura Marling, ending up with a beautifully strung together self titled album that drifts along endlessly and joyfully. 'I Am Leaving' leaves a sweet taste in the mouth as the vocals swell and soothe over the space of three calm minutes. 'Does Anyone Love Me Now' showcases her ability to juggle lush alt-folk guitar with otherworldly strings and singing. Let her voice send you to sleep before everyone in the land is dreaming to her effortless melodies.

Blue Roses Mypace

First Aid Kit consists of two Swedish teenage sisters whose intense and beautiful songs recall the harmony and delicate nature of artists such as Devendra Banhart and Bright Eyes. Listen to the catchy and instantly noddable 'You're Not Coming Home Tonight'

First Aid Kit's Myspace

Fast paced kraut punk comes thick and ferocious from Not Squares, a band from Belfast. They know how to navigate synths and bass guitars with the utmost anger and musical cohesion, squealing and shouting as they do so.

Not Squares Myspace

Finally, Chew Lips are a London trio whose dancefloor friendly electro has smashed through various blogs and music magazines. 'Solo' and 'Toro' are two tracks that are guaranteed to move feet, hands and heads.

Chew Lips Myspace

That is all for now music lovers and brothers...tune in next week or the week after that or whenever I post something new...and keep you ears wiiiide open...

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