Monday, 10 August 2009

Rhythmic Recommendations

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. ~Ludwig van Beethoven

Talons manage to fuse math rock with post rock whilst sprinkling a little raw punk and a dash of classical strings into the mix to provide an eye opening storm of music that relentlessly streams forth from each track. 'The Tragic Decline of Buff Orpington' is an epic tale crushed into three minutes of fury, whilst 'The Pearl' unleashes rollicking guitar riffs that give way to soft, sweet strings, ensuring a juxtaposition that cannot be ignored. Check them out as they tour relentlessly over the next month.

Talons' Myspace

Proving that being a bit geeky and loving classic soul can get you somewhere (I still have my fingers crossed), Mayer Hawthorne's has come along with an old soul throwback style that bleeds 60's Motown and oozes 70's romantic soul. Think Smokey Robinson, The Dramatics and the Four Tops within a bespectacled white boy from Ann Arbor, Michigan. 'Just Ain't Gonna Work Out' and 'Love is Alright' are perfect representations of the early soul vocal groups spot-on sweet nothings musing on love lost and love gained. Everytime I imagine this guy on stage, I see a foursome acting out a host of well rehearsed mini dance moves. 'I Wish It Would Rain' may very well be my new favourite song, as Mayer manages to evoke all of that soulful longing I adored as a kid listening to my parents Motown records....

Mayer Hawthorne's Myspace

I am lucky enough to witness Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard this Friday at an awesomely underused venue called Hamptons. I was eagerly anticipating a Watchmen lecture with the musician/artist/genius at Latitude Festival but due to some car problem, he didn't make it in time!!! Karma has made it up to me by allowing me the chance to witness him perform and I urge you to go listen to 'Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror' on his myspace, a rip-roaring folk track that showcases his wildly winding vocal ability.

Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard's Myspace

Supporting Jeffrey Lewis are a local seven piece folk act who I have praised constantly over the last half a year or so. Haunted Stereo manage to juggle a host of musical instruments with master precision, combining in a cacophany of musical heaven summed up in the jaunty joyride that is 'Head On' and the oscillating musical journey 'Childhood's End'.

Haunted Stereo's Myspace

Thats all for now folks!!!!

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