Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Cover Me Slowly

With Cover Me Slowly, I will aim to bring you a unique/odd/alternate cover song from some new or old artist that gives you an aural double take on hearing it.


Keeping a bit of mystery about a band is both rare and fascinating in todays 24/7 GOSSIPGOSSIP culture. Wu Lyf, an Manchester based collective, are hiding their identities behind bandanas and a confusing concoction of songs. And Cymbals have so far only revealed a couple of tracks and the image over to the right with a hush-hush ethos on their identity. Nonetheless, they spit out of the musical barrel with both guns blazing.

Cymbals go about putting a suit on Pavements 'Kennel District', sharpening the edges with a blunt bit of yelping and a jagged guitar. Some handclaps sends the whole thing grinning upwards, taking it away from the beautiful despair in the original. Well worth a free download, as well as their own creation, 'Summer Job', which whizzes along via howling and hooting at math rock speed.

Listen to and Download both tracks from RCRDLBL.


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