Saturday, 31 July 2010

Whispers From The Web....

Whispers From The Web will see me throwing a whole bunch of new-ish bands at you to listen to, adore, praise, worship or hate (depending on your taste, OF COURSE). ONWARDS!


I am always joyous to find a band I enjoy from le Midlands (nostalgic hometown glory coming into effect I feel...), and I have discovered one in Boat To Row, a folk group who know how to pluck heartstrings and manufacture such merry melodies. 'Night The Owl Slept' particularly shows off the breadth and width of talent in the young band.

Boat To Row's Myspace


Oh Brooklyn, go on then give me another bloody reason to move there. ARMS are a trio who churn out moody indie rock that swells and surges with splendid energy, via combined choral vocals, driving riffs and soft percussion. Think a low-key Local Natives with a bit more intensity.

ARMS' Myspace


I am a bit behind with Suckers, who have released a debut album, 'Wild Smile', after much online acclaim from the likes of MTV and Spinner. Suckers are a foursome who fuse angular jerky indie rock with funk and harmonic chants. They are supporting Yeasayer on tour in the UK in October so will soon be reachable in live form.

Suckers' Myspace

You can also download a free track, 'Easy Chairs', here at Stereogum


Moving to Canada now, we have another foursome in Braids. Braids make shoegazing music with less of a lo-fi edge and spend up to ten minutes on each track, noodling around with various instrumentation phases and fading. It's all rather daydreamy and highly enjoyable, gently pulsing and breaking at numerous junctions, like the ebb and flow of some wonderful musical tide.

Braids' Myspace

Yet another free track, 'Lemonade', from the wonder of Stereogum


Sticking in Canadian territory, Memory Screen are a band who make terrifically trippy music and seem to have an addiction to images of leaves and trees, if their Myspace images are anything to go by. Though, this does sound like the kind of music you could get good and lost in the woods to. Its etheral and beautiful and well worth a listen.

Memory Screen's Myspace


And finally, a bit of math pop. Tangled Hair are a balls-out math rock band who throw angular guitars, jerking percussion, gently yelping vocals and a dash of keys here and there. A free EP, 'First', is available for download below.

Download FOR FREE Tangled Hair - 'First'


I shall be keeping my eye on the blogosphere (as bloody always) and updating Whispers From The Web every few days (hopefully).


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