Thursday, 26 August 2010

Cover Me Slowly

London planning and lazy days and the lack of imagination and inspiration to be found in the ol' hometown have left me starved for words and writing this past month. BUT never look back, never surrender and blah blah blah, so let's jump this engine and see what's ticking on the internetz....


Cool Runnings are an eight piece from Knoxville, Tennessee who gyrate their way through several different stylings throughout their awesomely titled tracks. 'Burnout' drums along, sinister and heady, whilst 'Babes Forever' gets glitchy and angular and 'When I Got High With You' sounds as stoned and sleepy as implied.

However, this is all about the fabled art of the COVER! And here Cool Runnings take on 'Road To Nowhere', the Talking Heads' choral uttering on the lack of direction in life. Perfect for a band without one specific musical direction so far (which works well as far as the smorgasbord of sound emitted shows).

Cool Runnings throw some tribal drums on the song, whinny out the vocals and bring out the nihilism of the whole thing, dashing bits of archaic synth and communal singing into the mix. A delightfully offtrack take on the 1985 Byrne creation.

Oh and free to download RIGHT HERE!

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