Saturday, 28 August 2010

Cover Me Slowly

Yet another Cover Me Slowly, defying the implied lack of haste in the title, but when good music pops up, it has to be reported TO THE WORLD! (Or to the three people that may, possibly read this once I publish a novel and mention the Blog I run within the inlay blurb...)


This time, for your listening pleasure and courtesy of a University chum who goes by the name of Scott (HEY, check out his website, I have a whole bloody album full of covers for you from an established LA duo going by the name of The Bird and the Bee.

They have toured with Lily Allen, performed on the Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel in the US of A and had their creations broadcast on the likes of Greys Anatomy and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. So, not exactly slouches but still a relatively unknown entity on these British shores.

With their third album, they bring a whole record full of slinky little indietronic versions of Halls & Oates numbers. Yup, the 1980s pop duet containing one of musics greatest moustaches. They turn classic wedding anthems such as 'Maneater' into modern synth seduction, echoing a cheesy, pop-tastic version of The xx.

Top of the pile, personally, is their version of 'I Can't Go For That', viewable here. (Primarily because that song ALWAYS reminds me of THIS)

The Bird and the Bee's Myspace



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