Thursday, 13 January 2011

#11: The Babies

New Narcotic of the Day #11:
The Babies

It's time for an indietastic collaboration thanks to a modern day sort-of-super group! The Babies is a quartet formed of Cassie of the Vivian Girls, Kevin Morby of Woods, Nathanael Stark of Bent Outta Shape and Justin Sullivan of Ringers; a veritable indie/lo-fi explosion. Originally conceived as a temporary side project, for the sheer sonic fun of it, they seem to have cemented themselves as somewhat more serious after announcing a debut record on Shrimper Records this February.

The Babies peddle that current lo-fi lovefest style (Best Coast et al) that uses stoner mumble and grumble alongside bluesy guitar and an attitude to life that reminisces on youth, weed and lazy, sunny days spent roving around in permanent adolescence. 'Wild I' is a lazy romp through lo-fi territory whilst 'Breakin The Law' recalls garage rock roots, by way of Jay Reatard style clatter and shatter. 'Meet Me In The City' is an urgent charge through sunrays and 'Run Me Over' showcases a punching drumbeat alongside a sonically distorted riff that glides along with suitably catastrophic vocals.

Check out The Babies before they blow up and take the sun with them; the supergroup is back with a drugged up sort of vengeance....

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