Friday, 7 January 2011

#8: Trwbador

Artist of the Day #8:

Whilst I may not be able to correctly pronounce the name of today's band (I am guessing something like Troubadour???), I can correctly claim they excite, enthrall and entice in equal measure, sparkling with a simplicity of sonic structure that twinkles and flutters all at once. Trwbador are a bilingual duo from Carmarthenshire, South Wales who make me want to move to such hallowed, green and pleasant lands, learn the local lingo and form my own indietronica act that utilises the full force of the human voice in the manufacture of melodious motifs.

'Off Beat' is exactly what it says on the tin, chopping and slicing samples of wonderfully clipped vocal efforts to piece together a track that spins around and around, never landing on anything solid but making you dizzy in the most satisfying way. 'Eira' showcases a slightly noodling math rock influence in the guitar windling and weaving, carving a slowly widening path into your mind and staying there for a damn good while. Xylophones are always welcome in my musical inbox, so the delicate sprinkle of the aformentioned instrument, alongside a gentle vocal hum makes for an immensely smiley couple of minutes.

Trwbador make music to feed that part of you deep down that needs comfort, serenity and sweetness, utilising their impressive pair of vocal chords, an undeniable talent for electronic manipulation and a host of sudden and glitchy instrumentation to whisk a concoction of heady heart-throbbing folktronica.

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