Friday, 26 November 2010

Carpe Diem!

Artist of the Day #1:
Heinali and Matt Finney

Every now and again, two artists come together to form something spectacular. A great duo can produce something that digs into the musical soul of a listener and wrench or raise the spirit. Heinali is a Ukrainian composer whilst Matt Finney is a poet from Alabama, and the power of technology allows them to construct a sound that blurs the lines between poetry, spoken word, ambience, classical and cinematic cacophanies.

Heinali crafts a resonance that echoes the likes of Vangelis, Clint Mansell and Explosions in the Sky, but twists everything into a skewered sonic perspective of audible distress and emotion. The power lies in an intelligent minimalism, such as taking a simple, rapid piano line on the likes of 'Lemonade', the title track from the 'Lemonade EP', and overlaying it with an aura of distortion and some hushed unexplainable booming.

Matt Finney uses words with wanton precision, creating deep chasms of thought and deliberation with mere mutterings. And these chasms are dark, dank places that dig deep into the twilight of the mind, wrenching at the heart and tormenting anyone with a sense of empathy. This doesn't stop them reaching out to you though, beauteous and powerful in form and stripped of all shields.

Go ahead and sit in silence with nothing but Heinali & Matt Finney for company, and go ahead and purchase the two records on offer, including the bold, bleak fuzz of new release 'Conjoined'. It is a pay as you wish plan but a few quid thrown their way is much, much, much deserved, and I hope you music lovers agree.

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