Friday, 19 November 2010

A Sprinkling of Sounds...

2 FREAKING MONTHS! 2 gosh darn tooting months without the net thanks to the terrible bureaucracy behind the phone lines at Virgin.

BUT onwards and upwards and forever forward into music and melody; I AM IN LONDON and finally able to listen to new bands at the touch of a button so here is a quick, crammed catchup of bands I can highly recommend to anyone who bothers to read this again....


Previously known as Wap Wap Wow, now known as Rhosyn, whatever name they go by these Oxfordians (Oxfordites?) concoct a heady mix of archaic melody and choral ditty. The strings that braid the music together form the crux of a wonderfully quixotic sound, stitched into place with a meld of vocals perfectly poised to melt together.



Aimee Bea sounds like what I imagine Kate Nash would sound like if she could really sing (no disrespect to either artist named, I super mega promise...). Such a sweet melancholy that recalls a Joni Mitchell ethos with a distinctly adolescent British vibe. Sometimes the simple is simply effective, evident in the delightful strum and effortless strain of 'June'.

Aimee Bea


Another singer-songwriter up to bat now, straight out of Brighton and with a surprisingly alluring voice that nestles in the recesses of the mind rather snugly. A creative approach to rhythym and cadence as well as an arty eye really shines with the work of Jade Hopcroft. The obsessively simple hook and video for 'Would If You Could' follows you around for days.

Jade Hopcroft


Aulos are a twopiece from Hereford who churn out cosmically aware geek rock with pounding drums and insane little guitar riffs, hurtling along with breaknerd speed. Simply having a song called 'Nicholas Rage' resonates highly within the pleasure synapses of my mind but these guys manage to maintain that such pleasure throttles back and forth as spiralling symphonies hammer their way through your skull.



Shoes and Socks Off is simply stripped down, melodic, wonderfully lyrical modern alt pop and consists of a lone singer songwriter, Tobias Hayes who was formerly the frontman of Meet Me In St Louis. Nowadays, he takes an unconventional approach to the singer-songwriter schtick and throws together rather rudimentary sounds to form something altogether wholesome in it's musical approach yet manages to burn with a lyrical and vocal delicacy and intensity.

Shoes and Socks Off


Time for some indie technicality with Rooftops, a Washington based group who do the whole indie tech rock thing with some finess and flourish, brandishing beats and riffs with the precision of a mad musical scientist. Add a dash of suitably comforting vocals and you have the perfect recipe for any Winter blues in the form of a wonderfully uplifting bit of instrumental exploration.



ENOUGH for noooow...expect more over the weekend...KEEP your ears peeled...


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