Monday, 29 November 2010

#4: First Rate People

Artist of the Day #4:
First Rate People

I have discussed this band before, back in the bewilderingly sporadic and schizophrenic days of New Narcotics, and will continue to do so until every last man, woman and child (who drift by this blog) fall in love with them. They are a band from Toronto (the Canadian musical scene manages to churn out such effortless melody makers from time to time- Arcade Fire, Feist, New Pornographers, Bryan Adams(!)) who have spawned a musical free-for-all that churns up beautifully bop-along pop and heartfelt soul, then occasionally lobs in a grenade of electronica or folk. And yet still manage to maintain a consistently delicious sound that transcends genre.

First Rate people produce a range of songs that stretch from heartbreaking acoustic pluckings through to soul-sampling indie R&B. 'Orion' samples a snatch of 'Betcha By Golly Wow' by the Delfonics which manages to sidle up so gorgeously alongside the vocals and synth blares, it sounds like the two were recorded side by side, arm in arm (the fact that this is one of my favourite soul songs may influence my LOVE for this song and band).

But the likes of the dancefloor ditty 'Girl's Night', the electropop pulse of 'Gentleman's Club' and the deliriously weepworthy 'It's Never Not Happening' all add up to make these Canadians possibly my favourite band of the year. And all this without a proper release. I ache and screech for something to be crafted and pushed into my face at high speed from this group, and WISH AND DREAM AND HOPE that they find their way to London, hopefully to my house, to play me some of their music on our British shores.

For now, download a bunch of their tracks from Last FM here and simply fall in lust, love and longing for First Rate People.

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