Saturday, 4 December 2010

#6: Foxx Bandits

Artist of the Day #6:
Foxx Bandits

It is always a tricky question of allegiance when a friend, or even close acquaintance, forms a musical making group and then invites you to a show, or to listen to their newly recorded work. God forbid, what happens if you happen to hate the sounds pouring out of your friends mind and mouths? WHAT DO YOU SAY?!

Thank GOD that a friend of mine has formed a band with their pulse on the music scene, alongside a trio of talented and musically minded individuals, who know how to manipulate instruments and words to squeeze pure emotional ethos into a track. Foxx Bandits are a foursome based out of London who have gone all over the place in one year of existence, from folk pop to shoegaze to lo-fi, all the whilst notching up a selection of surprisingly successful gigs at the likes of Koko and the Barfly.

An EP is long overdue but they are releasing 'Gold Dresses' this upcoming Monday the 6th December at the Social. This may seem like one big advertisment for the gig, which it sort of is, but HELL, when you give the likes of 'Kafka' a listen, I defy you not to get down on your knees and thank me (in a pleading rather than dirty way). 'Kafka' oozes sincerity and sentiment with the sweetest melodic mix of xylophone and softly sung vocals before dropping into an overbearing wall of sound in the final third, which rattles your heart when heard live. Similarly 'Youth' starts off with a hark back to indie rock riffdom before charging its way to an adolescent sing-along chorus that churns up shared collective memories of youth and young love, evocative of a much more upbeat (and fuzzy) version of The Smiths or a much more calm version of The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Nothing more can be said, except CHECK THEM OUT, give this wondrous cover a listen, and come to the Social on Monday FOR FREE (where I shall also be spinning some records inbetween musical acts)....

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