Thursday, 16 December 2010

Artist of the Day #7: Breathe Owl Breathe

Artist of the Day #7:
Breathe Owl Breathe

I really do suck at this whole band a day thing BUT I like to think of myself as weeding out the terrible and horrible by only putting up bands that reveal themselves as wondrous (rather than simply drinking too much, wasting too much time on Football Manager and/or FIFA, getting to excited about Santa's imminent arrival and catching up on US television via the interweb).

All the way from over the big ol' pond (why do people call it a pond, it is quite definitely not a pond), from Michigan in the US of A, Breathe Owl Breathe are a trio who take the Bon Iver schtick and saunter down a winding road of pop, into an altogether more pretty place. The music here forms a gentle delicacy, fragile and untouchable, held together by a smorgasboard of oddity, from sweeping strings, to base computer blips.

'Own Stunts' is a track that starts to drift upwards and outwards when the choral chorus comes into play, maintaining a solid grounding in the gruffly sweet vocals of Micah Middaugh. 'Dogwalkers of the New Age' starts a little Postal Service, then trips over into indie pop before ending with a hauntingly classical note, and shows that Breathe Owl Breathe have some tricks up their charming sleeves.

A free Daytrotter recording session is available here and check out their suitable lo-fi, low key video for 'Lake Light'.

Breathe Owl Breathe - Lake Light from Miscellany on Vimeo.

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Renn said...

great article! I liked the Bon Iver mention :D