Friday, 3 December 2010

#5: Rumour Cubes

I apologise for the delay in a NEW BAND but I blame the following things; weather, work, drinks, friends, pubs, shops, transport and family.....

And NOW, excuses out of the way, and some tuneful treats!!

Artist of the Day #5:
Rumour Cubes

Post rock was originally a musical genre beyond me, sprawling out for what seemed like hours in dreamy, far-off visions of wonderment. I was a youngster wrapped up in blares of soul, R&B and the swathes of indie rock that dominated adolescent stereos from the start of the new millennium. Then Sigur Ros came into view, approachable and sumptuous, a gateway into the world of dawdling instrumental meanders into melody and ambiance.

Thankfully my mind and ears have opened in harmony to billion different genres and supposed styles of songwriting, and now I offer forth Rumour Cubes as my band of the day. Consisting of six like-minded musicians centred around London town, they blend delicacy and power within the space of the same track, towering above the world and suddenly burrowing headfirst into the dirt.

Mucky guitars stand alongside sauntering violin and relentless percussion, eking out an altogether uplifting sound that scatters patches of disconsolate despair amidst the soaring string sections. 'The University is a Factory' seeps into life with a cinematic sentiment, before setting off into madness, rising and rising before the beautifully orchestrated decline into riotous fuzz, buzz and scuzz.

You can download their EP for FREE here at Bandcamp, titled 'We Have Sound Houses Also', and then check their soundscaping potential out live at the Workshop on December 8th (where you can come and buy me a drink for introducing you to such a wondrous act).

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