Thursday, 10 February 2011

#23: Trogons

New Narcotic of the Day #23:

True psych rock is a worrying offcut of the musical realm. Truly great psych rock needs to simply slip into your own psyche, take over, muddle things up a little bit and screech the whole darn way. Trogons are a foursome who take shake, rattle and roll in their own rollicking direction, utilising driving riffs alongside 80s ideology and a set of roaring vocal chords from lead singer Gemma Fleet.

'Protest Song no.678' begins with a flourishing freight train of sound via a guitar lick that rumbles and grumbles in the short, sharp, stabbing space of a sparse two minutes. 'Rare Earth Materials' holds an almost classical sway in it's punching guitar and Siouxsie-esque vocals that vibe along on an astral plane all to themselves. This is like metal music on downers or post-punk on uppers; drugged up psychadelica at it's most potent...

Trogons are all over London like a lovely rash in the near future, performing at Brixton Windmill, Hoxton Underbelly and The Victoria.

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