Friday, 25 February 2011

#25: Small Engine Repair

New Narcotic of the Day #25:
Small Engine Repair

Updates have become as sporadic as sunspots but the show must go on, stiff British upper lip, keep calm carry on etc etc etc etc...

Oh I do love to have a darn good Midlands band popping up on my musical radar. Hereford (as well as being my current career team on FIFA 11, in the Premiership after six seasons thank you very much) has spawned Small Engine Repair, a trio of musicians who craft Americana-tinged alt folk with an English ear for the blues. They utilise a deft hand in generating softly spun songs that seep a steady stirring of sadness and sweet recollections.

A new EP, fittingly titled 'An Introduction to Small Engine Repair', is available for only five British pounds and is well worth every penny. 'I Feel So Old' ekes it's way into existence with a spindly riff and Cohen-like coherence in it's sentiment and stretching guitar picks. 'This Whole Setup Is A Lie' begins with a She & Him splash of piano before the vocals of Phil Twigg forges it's worn, world-weary ferocity, coming off as a cross between Matt Berninger and Mark Oliver Everett. 'Hey Best Friend' is a beautifully realised tale of youth and friendship, lamenting and reflecting with the utterly despondent crux in 'But I still miss you, more than I can say."

The EP is available now from the link below and join me in seeing them at The Social in London on the 22nd March.

Hey, Best Friend by Small Engine Repair

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