Saturday, 19 February 2011

#24: The History of Apple Pie

New Narcotic of the Day #24:
The History of Apple Pie

Time away yet again and back again yet again and again and again and again.


Well, a fusion of 90s indie shoegaze plus a smidge of Britpop equals The History of Apple Pie, a group started by Stephanie Min and Jerome Watson (previously of Hatcham Social). Now they have expanded into a five piece who swell and surge to craft that distinct sound of the Yuck-style, 1990s creeping their way back into music (they don't really sound a thing like Yuck BUT I can't help but mention them when talking of this mini-90s 'revival').

This is C86 shoegaze, all ripping guitar lines and shuffling drums behind a sweetly crooning female voice that hovers atop the melody, conscious of it's place in the history of such a musical narrative. 'You're So Cool' drifts along on an endlessly chilled riff, recalling the likes of Luna or The Breeders, leaning back into a melody of sunny relaxation. 'Mallory' croons "Mallory, she's wondering how on Earth they got this far", utilising an imaginary(?) individual to tell a classical tale, treading a line between The Pixies' 'Allison' and The Shirelles' 'Foolish Little Girl'. This 60s girl group backbone is a brazen, beautiful branding on their indie pop, remaining faithful to the melodic, story-telling qualities that the likes of Motown et al utilised to great effect.

The History of Apple Pie have a host of London gigs in the near future including slots at The 100 Club and The Victoria.

You're So Cool by The History Of Apple Pie

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