Sunday, 6 February 2011

#21: Crows

New Narcotic of the Day #21:

It feels, somewhat, with the departure of The White Stripes acting as a poignant reminder, that true scuzzy, garage-fuelled rock and roll; the kind that burns in the pit of your stomach and growls with a frazzled ferocity; is practically dead when it comes to interesting musical conception. Shoegaze has gone soft and sappy, punk is all but deep underground and the harder edges of indie rock have morphed into either soaring, melodic, rhythmic sauntering or homogenised, unintelligent sap. But, maybe it's time for a revival of rip-roaring magnifience with a four-piece from London known simply as Crows.

Crows have only two tracks on the world wide web so far but both exude a mixture of surf rock vibes with a stony edge of scuzz. 'Reyes' punches with a lashing beat, underlined with a vocal run that utilises an effortless control that manages to sound chaotically emotional. And 'Korea' may have the best intro of any song I have heard in a good long while. Pure surf rock shimmer gives way to trembling vocals and a driving riff which kicks, scratches and bites its way towards a classy collapse.

Crows are playing at The Good Ship in Kilburn on Wednesday and, if prayers are answered, will be crafting more concoctions in the very near future.

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