Wednesday, 9 February 2011

#22: Kyla la Grange

New Narcotic of the Day #22:
Kyla la Grange

Singer songwriters are an odd breed of musician. All alone compared to the camaraderie that a band brings (barring session and touring musicians), they must forge their way through the musical mire without a guitarist to back them up or a drummer to blame everything on. They are truly brave brave souls. And it takes a lot to grasp attention in the music world when you're all alone, especially with the glut of individuals with an acoustic (generalising pshhhhh); it's certainly tricky to find the so-called 'diamonds in the rough'. So how about a wondrous one for today's New Narcotic?

Kyla la Grange conjures up a heady form of modern pop, drenched in alternative ideology with dashes of pounding melody, smothered in a suitably smoky layer of vocals. She performs with, and relies on, a fantastically attuned backing band but it is her innate sense of mysticism, lyricism and seemingly endless awareness of modern pop music that allows the music to swirl around her, pinpointing the maestro at the centre of this maelstrom, recalling hints of Glasser fused with 80s pop.

'Vampire Smile' starts innocently enough (albeit with an oddly stiring sonic effect hidden behind the acoustic strum) with the rasping whisper of Kyla leading the way into a fusion of modern indie folk with rampaging, spiritual alt pop. This is the tribal music of old stirred together with modern pop technique and tenacity. 'Walk Through Walls' is slightly more bombastic, setting sail upwards, soaring into a sing-along chorus that must surely grace dance floors, bedroom blasts and festival stages sometime in the near future.

Kyla la Grange will surely be heading to many-a stage in the near future but, for now, placate yourself with a free download of 'Vampire Smile' from her website....

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