Friday, 4 February 2011

#20: Swim Deep

New Narcotic of the Day #20:
Swim Deep

Wow. Well done everyone (me), we've (I've) made it to the big 20. Mazel tov all around guys! Wine and cheese night around my place! Let's cross our fingers and pray, wish and dream we make it to that big BIG 50....

ANYHOO; this is about music and here is some new narcotics to inhale, inject and ingest.

When you think of hazy, drifting surf rock, it's easy to float to images of Californian beaches, sunsets over oceanic horizons and Bethany Cosentino feeding you grapes in a hammock (just me?). How about Birmingham? And not even Alabama Birmingham. I am talking West Midlands, brummie Birmingham. As part of the West Midlands massive, Birmingham based trio Swim Deep make me immensely proud and ready to go back and surf a network of canals longer than Venices.....

Swim Deep spin a heady mix of dazed and confused gaze-rock that drips with a joyous disdain for pop melody, miring itself happily in the deeply serene drone that such use of distortion and steady, hovering sonics develops.

Even the track titles feel drenched in tropical sunrays, with the likes of 'Santa Maria', strutting along on a bed of electronic growling that is garnished with an 80s synth (that, magically, doesn't sound dated) and lead vocals that growl just as convincingly. The tuneful trip towards the finish line is poised and purposeful, heading down the highway into a sonorous sunset. 'Isla Vista' is a darker turn, albeit darkness sprinkled with handclaps, surf riffs and a meandering backing synth that sparkles rather than spits. The heavier tone provides the dark descent, sounding like an alternate world's version of Pixies where Black Francis decided to up and move to LA.

With only two tracks on the interwebz, we have a long road ahead of us before Swim Deep are spreading their sound to the world. Though they have two shows at the Victoria and the Rainbow in April and May. From these early adventures, it could very well be a glistening, sweltering and nebulous journey. Albeit, taking a trip around Spaghetti Junction to get there.

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Owner Of A Lonely Blog said...

Recorded this band just in the past weeks, glad to hear you like it man! This is a sick write up!